Ship Details


Steel Twin Screw Motor Vessel, 10,000 bhp.



Built In


9,115g 5,300n


430.0 x 60.2 x 35.6


Adelaide Steamship Co., reg. Melbourne.1940: Requisitioned by the Australian Naval Board and converted into a hospital ship. Her first voyage to Darwin & Port Moresby was followed by four trips to the Middle east to repatriate sick and wounded Australians & New Zealanders. 1942 Feb.19: In Darwin on when the first Japanese air raid took place, and despite the Red Cross insignia, was bombed by a dive bomber which caused extensive damage to the accomodation. Twelve were killed and 58 wounded. After hurried patching up she sailed for Fremantle the following day on one engine, and with all the wounded she could carry. After lengthy repairs she continued in service as a hospital ship. 1945: Made trips to Singapore, Pacific Ocean war bases and one trip to Japan before being handed back to her owners in 1946. 1948 Apr.2: Extensively refitted and resumed her interstate running. 1956 Sept.: Sold to Okadagumi Ltd of Tokyo and renamed. 1957: Broken up in Japan.


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